Russians listed professions with too high salaries

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. The Russians who took part in the study of the Ipsos company consider the salaries of politicians and bankers to be unjustifiably high, writes RBC.

The online survey was attended by 20.5 thousand people from 28 countries, in Russia the sample was about 500 people.

It is emphasized that 79 percent of the respondents voted for the representatives of the first of these professions, and 61 percent for the second. In the world, the earnings of politicians and bankers were also considered too high by 74 and 41 percent of respondents, respectively.

In addition, the Russians included police officers (25 percent) and programmers (14 percent) in the list of professions with unjustifiably high salaries.

Too little wages, according to respondents from Russia, are received by people who help the elderly or people with disabilities (71 percent), nurses (70 percent), nursery and nanny workers (69 percent), teachers (63 percent).

The Russians included accountants, computer engineers and store workers in the list of those receiving as much as they owe.

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