Russian ambassadors congratulate women on March 8 in different languages

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. Ambassadors and Permanent Representatives of the Russian Federation to international organizations congratulated women on the 8th of March.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov congratulated the ladies on International Women's Day.

In the video posted on the social networks of the Russian ministry, Vasily Nebenzya, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, also expressed his best wishes on the occasion of the holiday in English. In Spanish, the Ambassador of Russia to Venezuela Sergey Melik-Bagdasarov congratulated with a bouquet of flowers.

Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky presented his congratulations by reading a poem in German. Russian Ambassador to Spain Yuri Korchagin said in a congratulatory speech in Spanish that “women have managed to achieve not only their rights, but also phenomenal results in all professional spheres, including diplomacy.” Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov delivered congratulations in Chinese.

And the Russian ambassador to the Seychelles, Artyom Kozhin, congratulated women on the spring holiday in French, “presenting” a bouquet of flowers.

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