On the unconditional ban of ferrets in politics

As a rule, the President of Russia, when speaking about things that are worthless and even outrageous, is quite restrained. Which in most cases is justified. People who at least somehow understand the intonation and context, as a rule, are not inferior to Pasha Emilievich intellectually, who, possessing a supernatural instinct, realized that now he would be punched and, possibly, even kicked.

But not all Pasha Emilievichs.

Probably, this is connected with the fact that V.V. Putin, speaking about the use of children for political and other purposes, has lost his composure. Speaking about teachers in the etymological sense, that is, about school teachers – partly about the bully Volkov and others like him, substituting children under the batons of riot police, partly about promoting suicide among children, partly about direct pedophiles – he said “about the inadmissibility of using children to achieve their own selfish ferret goals. ” That the same LM Volkov, who was directly called a ferret, was probably upsetting.

Vladimir Putin did not stop there. “We are faced with child pornography, child prostitution, drug trafficking, where the target audience is precisely children and adolescents. And it is always the use of children as a source of profit. Oddly enough, including when pushing minors to suicide. And they also find an opportunity to make money on it. ” Moreover, when “the police get to these freaks, they are completely different people. As soon as the police entered, they put them in their pants in the literal sense of the word. Such a bastard sits there, you know, a bug. It's not a pity to crush him. Girls, boys are encouraged to commit suicide. We are. we can't let anyone do that. “

On the one hand, it is said very energetically. On “Echo of Rain”, for example, they were offended for ferrets, as well as insects.

On the other hand, there is a certain not just social, but even cultural and religious prohibition. “Do not touch the children.” By no means.

Chesterton wrote: “The monotheism of the Palestinian tribe and the virtue of the Italian republic were very different from each other. The consuls of Rome and the prophets of Israel loved very different, incompatible things; but they hated the same thing.” Namely: violation of the prohibition “Do not touch children”.

This is the kind of humanity that brings together a wide variety of people, including people who are very unfit. For example, criminals who commit terrible deeds, but even within the framework of their criminal law, do not accept child abuse. The fate of pedophiles in prisons is very sad. This does not in any way indicate the morality of the c / c, but they also have the last taboo.

What are the criminals. We all belong to everyday and sinful humanity, and if not all, then many have bad deeds on their consciences. Deception, self-interest, fornication – but you never know what. “And reading my life with disgust” – everyone can say this to himself.

But children are a special case. For, unlike adults, they are deprived of the ability to fully realize the meaning and consequences of actions performed with them (including insidious collusion – again, greetings to L.M. Volkov). In the case of adults, we say “wiring a sucker” – also condemnation, but still not excessive. In the case of children, we are not talking about wiring, but we use extreme expressions. “An abomination to the Lord,” for example.

That is also connected with the instinct of public self-preservation. Life is full of piggishness, politics – even more so, but there must be a privileged class, at least in the period of childhood, protected by the whole society from the extreme manifestations of this very piggyback. If even this taboo, accepted even by criminals, breaks down, then the life of society takes a very big step towards hell.

With which, probably, was and is connected the ardor with which the ruler spoke about those who violate the ban.

As for us, people of adults and sinners, that is, a formula of social harmony that is acceptable to everyone or almost everyone. Okay, between ourselves we will steal, fornicate, deceive, persuade us to do worthless deeds. Human sinfulness is ineradicable. But at least with regard to children, the strictest prohibition on manifestations of sinfulness should be imposed. And the one who transgresses this prohibition is excluded from human society.

Of course, a lot of words will be said here that the pedophile is not to blame, and the one who instigates suicide is not entirely guilty, as it were: if the child is tough, then no amount of persuasion will force him to commit a terrible deed. And to put youngsters in the first line of protesters, so that the adults who are in safety would hide with them, like a human shield – this is generally a northern cunning in the fight against the regime, and even, as it were, not valor.

But for all this, something else needs to be said. “Bend their necks under the iron yoke of the law,” and citizens will only support severe punishment and universal hatred and contempt.

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