Kiev announced a Russian trace in the “creation” of gay units in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. In Ukraine, they announced a “Russian trace” in the information about the formation of LGBT units in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Channel 24 reports with reference to the representative of the country's General Staff Bogdan Senik.

As noted, earlier, a number of Ukrainian media, citing a message on social networks, published information about the recruitment of “LGBT people, military personnel, specialists, as well as LGBT-friendly persons” in one of the motorized infantry units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A representative of the General Staff denied the creation of such a unit and said that the site related to the message about the recruitment of LGBT soldiers allegedly has a Russian IP address.

“Such things are created specifically to induce betrayal. And some are spreading this nonsense in order to discredit the Ukrainian army and the Armed Forces,” Senik said.

Senik added that the General Staff “had the opportunity to look only superficially,” but the Ukrainian military “immediately understood who they were dealing with.” In his opinion, the Security Service of Ukraine should sort out the situation.

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