French billionaire Dassault died in Normandy helicopter crash

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. French MP and billionaire Olivier Dassault was killed in a helicopter crash in northern France , according to radio station Europe 1 .

It is noted that the aircraft fell on Sunday in the area of the Touque commune in Normandy . In addition to the representative of the “Republicans” party, the pilot died as a result of the crash.

French President Emmanuel Macron has already responded to the death of the politician, who wrote condolences on Twitter.

“Olivier Dassot loved France. A big businessman, an elected deputy, commander of the Air Force reserve: throughout his life he never stopped serving our country,” Macron wrote.

Dassault died at the age of 69. His father – Serge Dassault – was a famous businessman, politician and billionaire.

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