Autoexpert explained how to return a purchased car

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. The law allows you to return the car to the salon after purchase, like any product, but only subject to a number of rules and requirements. You can even return a used car, although not in all cases. Denis Reshetnikov, head of the dealership of the Fresh Auto network of car dealerships, told the Prime agency about this.

Since the car is a complex technical device, it can be returned to the dealership within 15 days from the date of signing the acceptance certificate by the dealer and the buyer. But not always, but only if technical flaws are revealed in the car. These are, for example, fuzzy steering, lack of noise isolation, etc. But if the customer no longer likes the color or the trim, the car cannot be returned. “In the event that the malfunctions are of a technical nature and were not obtained as a result of the actions of the driver or passengers, you can terminate the sales contract and return the full cost of the car or replace it with a similar model of the same brand or another brand after recalculating the purchase price,” he noted expert.

After 15 days of operation, you can return the machine if it has a significant deficiency, requires lengthy or too frequent repairs. In this case, the problems found in the car must be documented by an expert.

“The document must state that the identified shortcomings were not the owner's fault, otherwise it will be interpreted as improper operation, and no payments are provided for this,” Reshetnikov said. In some cases, you can even rent a used car.

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