Anti-harassment patrols set up in Brussels

BRUSSELS, March 8 – RIA Novosti. Plainclothes policemen begin patrolling public places in Brussels on Monday to curb sexual harassment of women, Brussels Mayor Philippe Close said.

“From now on, plainclothes police officers will be on the streets to identify cases of harassment,” Cloz wrote on Twitter.

As the spokesman for the Brussels police Olivier Sloss explained, the police will initially focus on public transport stops, where they will record such violations and draw up protocols against the offenders.

“Last year, we started training employees on how to identify street harassment, how to care for victims of such actions, and how to draw up protocols,” Sloss said in an interview with the Belgian news agency Belga.

According to him, the police receive a lot of evidence that women are often faced with harassment in public places. “But this is rarely said, and when there is a statement, it is difficult to establish the culprit … Our presence is necessary to ascertain such incidents,” the police spokesman added.

The Belgian prosecutor's office, in turn, promises to pay special attention to such offenses and to consider the incoming protocols faster and more thoroughly so that such work has a result.

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