Almost half of Russian women believe that it is easier for men to build a career

MOSCOW, 8 March – RIA Novosti. Almost half of women in the Russian Federation believe that career development is easier for men, but men themselves are not sure of this – only 23% of them think so, the results of a study conducted by the service and which RIA Novosti reviewed.

The study involved residents of all districts of Russia. There were more than 4 thousand participants in total, the study took place in February 2021.

“Almost half of women (49%) noted that career development is easier for men. Among men themselves, 2 times less of the respondents are sure of this (23%). However, men 6 times more often noted that it is easier for women to build a career – 19% of responses against 3% among women, “- said in” “.

In general, more than half of Russia's residents expressed the opinion that gender does not affect career development in any way. At the same time, over a third – 36% – noted that it is easier for men to build a career, and only 11% of respondents indicated the same in relation to women.

In addition, it turned out that the desired salaries for men and women are very different. Thus, men would like to earn an average of 125 thousand rubles – 37% more than the average desired salary of women (91 thousand rubles).

It also turned out that the majority of the surveyed residents of Russia (55%) have male bosses. 33% of the respondents indicated that they work under the leadership of women, and 12% of the survey participants indicated that they themselves occupy leadership positions. Men were almost 2 times more likely to indicate that they themselves are leaders – 15% versus 8% among women leaders.

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