A mother with many children and two children died in a fire in the Omsk region

OMSK, 8 Mar – RIA Novosti. A mother with many children with a small daughter and son died in a burning house in the Omsk region, only the head of the family managed to escape, who carried his five-month-old son out of the fire, SUSK reported for the region on Monday.

A fire in a private house in the village of Bolshiye Uki, Bolsheukovsky district of the Omsk region, where a family with three children lived, occurred on March 7 at about 23.00 local time (20.00 Moscow time), the UK said in a statement.

“The first to notice the fire and smoke in the house was the 23-year-old husband, who was able to take his five-month-old son out of the house, but he could not return to the burning house because of the strong smoke and fire blocking the path,” the Investigation Department said.

The fire killed a 25-year-old wife and two children – a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy.

According to a RIA Novosti source familiar with the situation, the head of the family repaired the chainsaw and left it near the stove overnight, some of the parts melted. This could have caused a fire. The family, according to the interlocutor of RIA Novosti, is considered prosperous.

Investigators inspect the scene of the incident, interview eyewitnesses, the prosecutor's office of the Omsk region took control of a pre-investigation check on the fact of the fire.

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