The Russians were told how to increase the size of the future pension

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. Former Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development, Vice-Rector of the Financial University under the government, Alexander Safonov, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta about the factors on which the future pension depends.

The economist explained that its value is influenced by the size of the fixed payment – the number of coefficients on the personal account with the Pension Fund and funds in the mandatory funded pension system. “Fixed payments are paid to all citizens who have the minimum required work experience to receive an old-age pension. insurance pension and it is different for everyone, “Safonov said.

It is emphasized that the insurance pension is formed as follows: for each year of work experience, one coefficient is calculated.

At the same time, when calculating the length of service, there are certain benefits: women who were on parental leave receive a decree for the first child for a year and a half, 2.7 coefficient for the first child, 5.4 coefficient for the second, and 8.1 coefficient for the third. Also, one of the parents caring for a disabled child has a privilege – 1.8 coefficient per year.

It is added that another important condition is the amount of earnings. The higher it is, the more coefficients are awarded.

In addition, increased coefficients can be earned if the citizen continues to work when he reaches retirement age. It is also possible to increase the size of the pension by participating in voluntary pension programs.

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