The Ministry of Labor explained the new rules for filling out electronic work books

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Labor told Rossiyskaya Gazeta how not to lose seniority to people who have switched to electronic work books.

On March 7, a law comes into force that allows Russians to apply to the Pension Fund (PFR) to include information in electronic work books of the entire length of service. Information from the beginning of 2020 is indicated in the electronic labor record, and the previous experience is stored in a paper analogue. “The law provides for the opportunity for citizens to apply to the PFR authorities with an application to include in their individual personal account all information about labor activity for periods of work until January 1, 2020 , the records of which are contained in the (paper. – Ed.) work book “, – specified in the Ministry of Labor.

In turn, the lawyer Vadim Tkachenko explained in an interview with the WG that in order to enter the entire length of service in the electronic work record, it will be necessary to personally handle the paper work in any branch of the PFR.

There, as the expert specified, the citizen will be asked to write a statement with a request to include in the electronic work experience for all years of work.

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