The expert named the most advantageous color of the car

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. The easiest way to sell a car is if it is white. In other cases, the search for a buyer will take longer or require an additional discount from the seller. Rare and special colors of cars, like “chameleons”, are the most difficult to sell, Alexander Gruzdev, director of Gruzdev-analyze, told the Prime agency.

Statistics show that white is the most popular color for cars in Russia. According to a report by automotive paint and varnish manufacturer Axalta, 33 percent of cars in Russia are white, 16 percent are gray, 13 percent are silver, 12 percent are black, and 11 percent are beige or brown. These colors account for 85 percent of the car fleet, and only 15 percent remain for fans of bright colors. “Naturally, it will be easier to sell a white car, because at least a third of potential buyers will consider this color. But if you bought yourself a green car, then only 2 percent will be interested in them, “the specialist notes.

In other words, it will take longer to sell the same car for the same money, or you will need to make a discount to speed up the sale. The discount for the “unsuccessful” color can reach 15 percent of the price of similar cars of the “running” shade, Gruzdev pointed out.

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