The expert explained what words should not be looked for on the web

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. There are taboo topics, obvious and not so obvious. The first includes well-known prohibitions – drugs, terrorist activities and everything that is limited by law. But there are also non-obvious topics, the search for words on which can lead to trouble, Pavel Myasoedov, partner and director of the Intellectual Reserve company, tells the Prime agency. and its use may well fall under the Criminal Code. The question will lie in the plane of the user's intentions and the interpretation of the law, “the expert notes.

He recalled that law enforcement agencies periodically monitor user activity on the Internet, and the search history may well be interpreted as a sign of criminal intent. It happens that the purchase of securities on the stock market was recognized as an insider transaction based on the search history on the financier's computer.

Formally, a search for a link to download a pirated movie can also indicate a violation, so it's better to carefully fill in the names in the search bar. Of course, common sense is important – if a person needs to look for suspicious topics in a job profile, this will serve as an excuse. But a targeted search for illegal content will raise questions, even if it's just curiosity, concluded Myasoedov.

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