The doctor told who should not live in skyscrapers

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. Living in a skyscraper allows you to enjoy the view from the window, but imposes restrictions on your health. For whom living in a high-rise building can turn into a risk, said in an interview with Sputnik radio, candidate of medical sciences, physician-therapist Alexei Khukhrev.

The height of the house is not so important in terms of the effect on health, but only up to a certain point, the doctor noted. For example, due to a malfunctioning elevator, serious problems can arise in people with cardiovascular and some other diseases. “If you live on the 30th floor and suddenly the elevator breaks down, and you have coronary heart disease, then there is nothing good about it. Excess weight, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and asthma will also become a problem,” Aleksey Khukhrev explained.

But even a serviceable high-speed elevator can be the cause of a deterioration in well-being, if, for example, you have an ordinary acute respiratory disease and a blocked ear.

“The thirtieth floor is about 100-110 meters. If a person goes up there in 10 seconds by an elevator, then it can be quite painful for him,” Aleksey Khukhrev warned in an interview with Sputnik radio.

But for allergy sufferers, life at high altitude will be beneficial, the doctor noted: the fact is that the wind raises plant pollen, which is a strong allergen, up to about the 15th floor.

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