Russia can become a leader in the fur industry, the manufacturer believes

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. Russia may become a leader in the fur industry after the extermination of the mink population in Denmark, Viktor Konstantinopolsky, founder of the Accessory Fur group of companies, which produces fur products, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

In early November 2020, the Danish authorities decided to destroy all the mink population in the country, since the animals could be carriers of the mutated coronavirus, thus, the largest fur industry in Europe was destroyed. “In Denmark, a rash decision was made, 17 million minks were destroyed – As a result, the entire fur industry of the country has suffered. Whole generations have been doing this business, and I doubt that Danish farmers will want to start from scratch. This is a very good business, and today Europe is simply giving it to us, “Constantinople said.

He added that in addition to Russia, Poland, China, Ukraine or Belarus can take the place of Denmark. The businessman said that earlier in the world 90 million minks were produced annually, in Russia – up to 1.8 million, but in 2020 world production was to be reduced to 35 million, in Russia it was 1.2 million.

At the same time, the agency's interlocutor continued, in the Soviet Union the annual production volume was 15-16 million minks, which indicates a strong decline in the country's position in fur farming. He also noted that after the extermination of the mink population in Denmark, prices for fur products will increase significantly. According to him, during the last fur auctions, prices increased up to 1.9 times for some types of mink.

The businessman noted that currently the prices for fur products for the Russian consumer are still at the same level as several years ago. “For several years, there has been a decrease in prices for fur at international auctions due to overproduction, thus, the rise in the exchange rate of world currencies did not lead to an increase in the price of Russian fur products,” he explained.

The earth is abundant, but there is no order

According to the agency's interlocutor, there is a problem of fragmented regulation in the Russian fur industry. “The Ministry of Natural Resources regulates sable catching, the Ministry of Agriculture regulates the cage farming, the Ministry of Industry and Trade regulates the problem of training new personnel. It is necessary to combine these links into one system,” he said.

The businessman explained that the breeders currently do not understand for whom the animal is being raised, how and to whom they will sell it – the skindiller (seller of a semi-finished product) or production. “They are the ones who should place an order for a certain type of fur,” he added.

The industry, including, as the businessman notes, is negatively influenced by the movement of eco-activists, which leads to the closure of natural fur production throughout Europe, despite the fact that fur manufacturers define themselves as a peaceful industry.

Another problem destabilizing the industry, Konstantinopolsky considers counterfeit products and illegal distribution channels. He also complains that it is almost impossible for Russian fur manufacturers to organize the display of their collections at international exhibitions abroad, therefore, he believes that in the future it is possible to organize their own international exhibition of fur products in Russia.

Products made of artificial fur are actively gaining popularity today, however, according to the interlocutor of RIA Novosti, it is not entirely correct to call synthetic products “eco-fur”. “What really needs to be called“ eco ”, in my opinion, is a product made from natural fur. I'm not saying that synthetic fur is bad, everyone has the right to choose a product that they like,” he added.

Despite the significant increase in sales of goods through online channels, Konstantinopolsky believes that it is not entirely advisable to develop the sale of fur products through Internet sites, since before buying such goods, most often expensive, the consumer needs to independently check the quality of the fur.

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