Record price for the only VAZ-2110 in the USA named

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. The American car dealer DFW Cars & Trucks put up for sale a Russian car VAZ-2110 produced in 2001 for 10,950 dollars (about 815,000 rubles. – Ed.).

The Texas-based 20-year-old sedan is said to be the only example of this model in the United States. The seller also writes that the car with the declared mileage of 15,000 kilometers is in excellent condition and ready for use, and the interior “smells like a new Lada”.

However, it is added that the seller is ready to give only a document on the sale and purchase of the car, but there is no paper that allows the car to be used for its intended purpose in the United States. The dealer notes that it “may be able to obtain” the requested document.

As the American auto magazine Drive explains, the problems with the securities are associated with serious restrictions on the import of foreign cars into the United States, the year of production of which does not exceed 25 years. The publication also drew attention to the unusually high price of the presented Russian car, noting that for this amount you can buy “a respectable Volkswagen Golf GTI or a hell of a lot of Toyota Avalon”.

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