Polish general described the scenario of the war between Russia and NATO for Kaliningrad

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. The former commander of the Polish land forces, General Waldemar Sksypchak, in an article for Defense 24, suggested one of the likely scenarios in the event of hostilities in the Kaliningrad region with the participation of NATO troops.

The author emphasized that this region is of key importance in the political and military strategy of Russia. He calls the Kaliningrad region a “gateway” leading to the Baltic Sea and the Polish Lowland, the places through which the route to Central and Western Europe passes.

The Polish general drew attention to the fact that the main forces of the Baltic Fleet and the troops of the Kaliningrad Defense Region (KOR) are stationed in the region. According to him, in case of war, they will have to ensure the acquisition of superiority in the Baltic region at sea and in the air. However, due to the appearance of NATO troops in the Baltic States, these KOR combat units can be used for another purpose.

“One of the possible options is blocking the transfer of NATO units by land, sea and air to the territory of the Baltic countries, as well as support for the Russian 6th Army, which is stationed beyond their eastern border,” Skshipchak writes.

The general considers unreasonable the concept of the need to strengthen the Baltic countries in the event of a war and transfer significant NATO forces to their area due to the overwhelming superiority of the “enemy” in comparison with the small forces of the Alliance in Eastern Europe. “The Russian 6th Army, interacting with the Baltic Fleet, it will take two to four days to capture the Baltic states, “he said.

In his opinion, after the “capture of the Baltic”, the main actions may move to the southern part of the Baltic Sea and in the direction of the Polish coast.

Skshipchak also urged not to overestimate the role of the Suwalki corridor on the border of Poland and Lithuania, which, as the general noted, has only tactical significance.

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