In Barcelona, protesters pelted police with stones and paint

MADRID, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. The rally against the arrest of rapper Pablo Asel (Hasel) took place again in Barcelona, the radicals pelted the police with stones, bottles and paint, according to Catalan law enforcement agencies.

The radical movement “Committees for the Defense of the Republic”, seeking independence of Catalonia, announced the holding of protests on Saturday evening in Barcelona, Tarragona, Sabadela, Girona. The action in the Catalan capital began on Tetuan Square. In addition to the release of Asel himself, the protesters demanded the release from prison of all those arrested during the previous actions. The participants performed rap, made speeches and listened to the text of Asel's letter, written a few days ago in prison, in which he calls for further protests. The protesters with slogans went through the streets of the city.

At some point, small groups of radicals began to throw various objects at the police officers who were standing in the cordon.

“In Barcelona, radical groups are throwing bottles, paint and stones at the police cordon at the intersection of Rogers de Flor and Gran Vía. We are calling on megaphones to stop this behavior,” Catalan law enforcement reported on Twitter.

According to, the security forces managed to isolate the radicals who, in addition to throwing various objects, were also engaged in stealing from other protesters.

There were no more serious incidents during the protests, according to TVE. According to, all the protesters have now dispersed.

The Generalit's ambulance service reported on Twitter that there were no casualties during Saturday's protests.

Protests in Spain began on February 16 after the arrest of rapper Pablo Asel (Hasel), who was sentenced to nine months in prison for insulting the monarchy and praising banned terrorist organizations on social media and one song. In many cities, actions escalate into riots and clashes with the police, the most violent in Barcelona. More than 150 radicals have been detained, almost all have already been released, remain imprisoned, including eight anarchists – citizens of Italy, France and Spain, who were detained during the riots in Barcelona a week ago. More than a hundred people were injured, including dozens of law enforcement officials. One girl lost her eye due to a Styrofoam bullet fired by the police. Mostly young people of ultra-left views and anarchists participate in the actions.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that it is necessary to strengthen the protection of freedom of speech in the country, however, according to him, the use of violence is unacceptable under any circumstances.

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