HRC member expressed condolences on the death of Saratova

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. A member of the HRC under the head of Chechnya, a well-known human rights activist Kheda Saratova defended the rights of Caucasians not only in Chechnya, but also in other regions of Russia, for her the main thing was to help people, said Aleksandr Brod, a member of the HRC under the President of the Russian Federation.

The head of the HRC in Chechnya Timur Aliyev told RIA Novosti that Saratova died in Chechnya as a result of an illness. “I met Kheda Saratova more than once at human rights events. She was a prominent figure in the North Caucasus. At one time she spoke about the horrors of the Chechen war. I wanted civilians to die, dreamed that the bloodshed would stop, “Brod shared with RIA Novosti.

According to him, not everyone accepted the fact that Saratova entered the Human Rights Council under the head of Chechnya, where, as a human rights defender, she already defended the people of her republic “from bureaucrats, from arbitrariness.” “But for her, the main thing was to help people. Councils did not help her in solving personal problems, helped open the doors to officials, security officials in order to save people, and not only in Chechnya and the Caucasus. She defended the rights of Caucasians in other regions of Russia. Those who were tortured in isolation wards, colonies who were kicked out of work on the “fifth point.” One good, real person has become less, “Brod emphasized.

Saratova, born in 1965, since the beginning of hostilities in Chechnya in the early 2000s, she has been actively involved in human rights activities, in recent years she has been dealing with the problem of returning women and children forcibly taken by their husbands to the war zone in Syria and Iraq, helping relatives in their search.

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