COVID-19 girl suffers from unbearable odors

MOSCOW, 7 Mar – RIA Novosti. A girl who had been ill with COVID-19 complained of a constant feeling of unpleasant odors after her illness, writes Mirror.

For example, a reporter from North Wales named Jameluise Hudspit contracted the coronavirus in December 2020, but after recovering, she noticed that she constantly smells unpleasant.

For a long time, the journalist thought that the source of the unbearable smell was in her apartment, so she was constantly cleaning.

She later noticed that she could smell the smell in supermarkets and when walking her dog.

As a result, the girl realized that she was suffering from parosmia – a distorted perception of odors after the coronavirus.

Three months after the illness, the smell returned to her, but not quite.

“I began to notice this awful smell, which I can only describe as a mixture of rotten eggs, rancid meat and fish mixed with sewage,” the journalist explained.

Earlier, neurophysiologist Alexander Boutik told how to return taste and smell after COVID-19. He advises to perceive different smells for 20 seconds every day several times a day. These should be strong aromas, such as cloves, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, which will make the necessary organs work actively.

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