Tear gas used against participants in illegal action in Zurich

ZURICH, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Police in Zurich, Switzerland, used tear gas against participants in an uncoordinated action initiated by local feminists on the eve of International Women's Day, two women were arrested, the Zurich police said.

According to the report, the action was known in advance, so the police warned the demonstrators about the ban on mass events in force in the country in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

Wut zu Widerstand! Trotz massivem Polizeiaufgebot nehmen sich hunderte Frauen, Lesben, inter, non-binary, trans und agender Personen die Strasse in #Zurich. # 8mrzunite pic.twitter.com/r33ZFYD1vW

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It is reported that the columns of demonstrators were concentrated in different parts of the city, the police tried to stop them and used tear gas several times. According to law enforcement officers, one of the demonstrators bit a police officer.

“The people regrouped and moved along Langstrasse in the direction of the fifth arrondissement. This movement was also stopped and tear gas had to be used again. During this police operation, a demonstrator bit a police officer,” the statement said.

The police detained the woman, but the crowd resisted and tried to free her, after which tear gas was again used and another participant of the action was detained.

As noted by the police, there are currently no reports of victims, at least 100 people took part in the action.

Zurich / Schweiz. Heute. Faschismus! @Ignaziocassis https://t.co/crAeGIB8VC

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