Scientists warned of mental problems in patients with COVID-19

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Scientists have found that a significant proportion of those who have recovered from COVID-19 suffer from neuropsychiatric and cognitive disorders. A related study was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

In the short term, 95% of clinically stable COVID-19 patients suffered from PTSD, according to experts from Oxford Brooks University. At the same time, from 17 to 42% of patients experienced affective disorders, such as depression. “The main short-term cognitive disorders were impaired attention (45%) and memory impairment (13 to 28%),” the researchers noted.

In the long term, according to the study, neuropsychiatric problems lie in mood disorders and fatigue. However, patients also complained of problems with concentration (44%) and memory (38 to 50%).

Worldwide, according to the latest WHO data, there are 115.2 million infected, and according to estimates from Hopkins University, their number has already exceeded 116 million. The spread of the coronavirus

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