Russians were told how to have a conversation with telephone sellers

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Intrusive calls from sellers of various goods and services will not be a problem if you know how to talk to them, Nikolai Grigoriev, a member of the Board of the Guild of Marketers, told Sputnik radio.

“Cold calling” – this is how marketers call the reception when some goods and services are offered to potential customers by phone. The method is really effective, but few people like it when someone constantly calls and imposes something, Grigoriev admits.

In cases where you are not interested in buying, you need to follow certain tactics of conducting a conversation, first of all, you can “answer a question with a question,” he advises. “If you get a call, then you ask the caller to introduce himself immediately. you need to once again ask the caller who he is, where he is from and on what issue. If they continue to twist, then you hang up. If a person confesses and tries to sell you something, then you hang up. If you start talking and explain whether you need to or not, you put yourself at risk, “the marketer warned.

That is, if you don’t need anything, then you don’t need to start a conversation, Grigoriev emphasized. If you are interested in some telephone offer, then you should not agree immediately, you need to explore other possibilities, look at prices on the Internet and compare offers.

Most often, elderly people succumb to the tricks of telephone sellers, so you need to convince your age relatives not to enter into any negotiations, the marketer noted.

“I recommend convincing my elders not to deal with these issues. In my understanding, they should answer by phone that their son or daughter is engaged in shopping and give their phone number,” concluded Grigoriev.

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