Rosstat named the most unprofitable industries in 2020

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Rosstat told which enterprises suffered the greatest losses in 2020. The relevant data was published on the agency's website.

The share of such organizations last year was 29.4 percent, an increase of 2.9 percentage points compared to 2019.

Thus, the most affected were the coal industry, catering, hotel business, intercity and international passenger transportation by rail, as well as the gas distribution and steam and hot water industries.

Rosstat noted a significant deterioration in performance in land and pipeline transport (minus 72.7%), in wholesale trade, except for trade in cars and motorcycles (minus 69.5%).

At the same time, the sectors of agriculture and fisheries showed the highest growth rates (86%), as well as the sectors of operations with real estate (72.3%), construction (53.1%), retail trade, except for trade in cars and motorcycles (34 ,four%).

As a result, the net profit of medium and large Russian companies in 2020 fell by 23.5%.

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