NI explained the rapprochement between Russia and China by the “betrayal” of the West

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. In an article for the National Interest, journalist Alex Tsivik spoke about the reasons for the turn of Russian policy to the East.

The publicist explains the current rapprochement between Russia and China by the fact that historically the country's turn to the East was a reaction to the actions of the West, perceived as “betrayal or coercion.”

As an example, Tsivik cites the statement of the writer Fyodor Dostoevsky, who warned that during the revival of Russia after the defeat in the Crimean War in the middle of the 19th century, the country would turn to its “Asian Russianness”, since the Christian British Empire entered into an alliance with the Ottoman Empire.

The journalist drew attention to the fact that in recent years, Moscow and Beijing have intensified military cooperation, as well as interaction in the field of space exploration. He suggested that President Vladimir Putin is using cooperation with China as geopolitical and domestic protection against alleged Western interference.

“As the administration of President Joe Biden is trying to pursue a policy towards Russia in accordance with the recent extension of the START III treaty, the desired goal should remain the possibility of establishing mutually respectful relations between the two countries in the coming years,” Tsivik said.

The author of the article called on US President Joe Biden to build equal bilateral relations with Russia at the diplomatic level. He also believes that the American leader should take a responsible approach to his policy in the Middle East.

Tsivik came to the conclusion that the United States and Western partners will have to solve the problem of how to attract Russia to cooperation, and not push it towards further rapprochement with China.

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