Myasnikov got sick and gave advice to Russians

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov spoke on Instagram about herpes zoster infection.

“For almost a week, a strong aching pain in the right shoulder blade has been bothering me. And at night too. <...> Yes, there is still some aches, fatigue, unusual for me. And at night – hello, it poured out! Herpes zoster!” – he stated.

According to the doctor, he was not immediately able to recognize the disease. He admitted that “everyone considers himself to be thirty,” and therefore attributed the manifestations of the ailment to the muscle pulled during training.

“Do not be like me, do not forget about the vaccines necessary for people of age! I remind you: this is pneumococcus, influenza, herpes zoster, tetanus / pertussis, hepatitis B, now also COVID,” he advised.

Myasnikov thanked the subscribers for their concern and promised that he would have a short “conversation” with the disease.

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