Members of Basayev's gang who attacked the military received 13 and 14 years in prison

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. Two members of Shamil Basayev's gang, Takhir Begeldiev and Nariman Otepov, who attacked the military in Dagestan in 1999, received 14 and 13 years in prison, respectively, according to the website of the RF IC.

Earlier it was reported about the completion of the investigation of the criminal case against two more members of the gang Shamil Basayev and Emir Khattab – Begeldiev and Otepov, the case with an indictment was sent to court.

It was established that in mid-July 1999, Begeldiev and Otepov voluntarily joined the gang under the general leadership of Basayev and Khattab and took an active part in the commission of grave and especially grave crimes.

So, in the period from 7 to 24 August 1999, acting as part of a gang, militants armed with machine guns, grenades and explosive devices, with a total number of at least a thousand people, attacked servicemen of the RF Armed Forces in the Botlikh region of Dagestan. As a result, 33 people were killed and 34 people were injured of varying severity.

“They were found guilty of committing a crime under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation” Encroachment on the life of servicemen in order to obstruct the lawful activities of these persons to protect public order and ensure public safety. ” 13 years of imprisonment in a strict regime colony, “the message says.

It is added that in the criminal case 28 people have been put on the federal and international wanted list. Criminal prosecution against seven militants, including Basayev, was terminated due to their death. Currently, two more participants in the attack are involved in the case, whose involvement is being verified, their role and actions in the gang are being established.

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