Maduro was vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine and “spoke” in Russian

BUENOS AIRES, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and his wife Celia Flores were vaccinated with the Russian drug against the coronavirus Sputnik V, follows from the broadcast, which was conducted on Twitter by the president.

“As I promised the people, I keep my promise … My first dose, I was vaccinated,” Maduro said.

Earlier, the president said that he would be vaccinated with a Russian drug. Venezuelan doctors are currently being vaccinated with it.

“All studies show that the Russian vaccine generates a good immune response,” the president said.

“Thank!” – he added in Russian. The spread of the coronavirus

After being vaccinated with the Russian drug Sputnik V, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decided to joke and uttered a few Spanish words in the “Russian” manner.

After the injection, the Venezuelan leader with a smile recalled the joke that after being vaccinated with Sputnik V one can speak Russian, and he tried to do it.

“I don’t feel anything,” Maduro said in Spanish after the injection, adding: “(I don’t feel) not even Escalos or Fiebraska, I don’t know why I say that.”

In Spanish there is a word escalofrios, which translates as “chills”, the word fiebre means “temperature”.

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