In the Sea of Japan, all fishermen were evacuated from a burning Russian ship

VLADIVOSTOK, 6 March – RIA Novosti. All fishermen were evacuated from the Vitim vessel burning in the Sea of Japan, a representative of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office told RIA Novosti.

On the morning of March 6, a ship with 30 fishermen caught fire 12 miles abeam Askold Island (Sea of Japan). The fire occurred in the fish shop. The rescue tug “Rescuer Zaborshchikov” was sent to provide assistance. All ships in the area were given information about the incident. In addition, the Ultimat fishing vessel and the Ocean Pride-1 motor ship follow the burning vessel.

“According to preliminary data, there are no casualties, the crew members have been evacuated, the rescue ship has begun to liquidate the fire,” the agency's source said.

According to him, the Primorsky Transport Prosecutor's Office is checking the implementation of the legislation on the safety of navigation. If violations are identified, they will take a full range of response measures to eliminate violations and bring the perpetrators to justice.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the sailors were evacuated to the Alchan raft.

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