In Tatarstan, a woman deceived her husband by inventing pregnancy and childbirth

KAZAN, 5 March – RIA Novosti. A resident of Tatarstan deceived her spouse: she invented a pregnancy and went to “give birth” to the perinatal center of the Republican Clinical Hospital (RCH) in Kazan, the institution told RIA Novosti.

“A resident of the Buinsky district of Tatarstan left her home in Kazan two weeks ago, allegedly to give birth to the perinatal center of the RCH. Two weeks later, the woman invited her husband and mother-in-law for discharge, but the baby was allegedly not given to her. According to her, the child became ill, and he was left in maternity hospital, “- said the interlocutor of the agency.

The frightened and indignant husband of the “woman in labor” came to the hospital to find out what happened to his son. As explained by the head of the admission department of the perinatal center of the RCH Bulat Begiev, on March 4, the husband, wife and mother-in-law turned to the medical institution.

“We checked all documents, extracts, magazines in the perinatal center and stated that we did not have such a woman in the hospital,” he said.

Since the woman continued to claim that on February 22 she underwent a cesarean section and a boy weighing 4.2 kilograms was born, while she called the names of doctors who do not work in the perinatal center, the doctors suspected something was wrong and suggested an ultrasound scan and examination.

They found that the “patient” had no abdominal scar, and the ultrasound showed that she was not pregnant at all.

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