Degtyarev checked the work of officials after a cyclone in the Khabarovsk Territory

KHABAROVSK, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. Acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Mikhail Degtyarev checked the work of officials after the cyclone that hit the region on February 16-17, and said that he would “draw personnel conclusions.”

The head of the region on Saturday is on a working trip to the Sovetsko-Gavansky region of the region.

“More than two weeks have passed since the cyclone, and repairs have not yet begun on educational facilities. The government officials decided the issue of funding only the day before yesterday, having learned that I was going to go and see how things were going. People see all this and ask a question. : If officials work like this in an emergency mode, then how do they perform their duties at normal times? Let's check thoroughly who exactly is loafing, hiding behind papers. Most likely, we will draw personnel conclusions, “Degtyarev wrote in his Telegram channel.

The cyclone passed through the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory on February 16-17. Wind gusts on the coast of the Tatar Strait reached 38 meters per second. The scale of the damage turned out to be much larger than previously assumed. In total, taking into account the data of local authorities, as a result of the cyclone, 336 buildings and structures were damaged, where the wind either broke the roof, or knocked out glass or cut off parts of the facade. Damage was caused to 12 settlements. Most of the facilities were damaged in the Sovgavan region (227 in four settlements: Sovetskaya Gavan, Maysky, Lososina and Zavety Ilyich). In 54 settlements of the region, almost 9.5 thousand residential buildings were left without light in bad weather.

After the roof of the building of kindergarten No. 11 in the city of Sovetskaya Gavan was torn down, a criminal case was opened under the article “Performing work that does not meet safety requirements.” The investigation found that during the work on the reconstruction of the roof there were violations of building codes and regulations.

The regional government committee for civil protection reported that the affected territories are being assisted. From the reserve of material resources, about four thousand sheets of slate, 70 pieces of professional sheet and 10.9 kilometers of electric cable were delivered to the affected municipalities.

Administrations advise on the preparation of documents for the allocation of subsidies for rescue and emergency recovery work. According to the municipality of Sovgavan region, the amount of damage there exceeded 40 million rubles.

First of all, the head of the region checked educational facilities. The amount of money required for the repair of window structures and renovation of roofs varies from 250 thousand rubles for school No. 16 in the village of Zavety Ilyich to 12-13 million rubles in kindergarten No. 11 in Sovetskaya Gavan. On Saturday, the money has already been transferred to the district, and it is expected to arrive at the municipality's account on March 9th.

22 objects have been restored, including six socially significant, one private house, three apartment buildings. According to preliminary estimates, about 85 million rubles are required to eliminate the consequences of the hurricane wind.

The regional civil protection committee reported that at the moment 129 applications have been received for the provision of one-time financial assistance in the total amount of 1.1 million rubles to compensate local residents for damaged glazing of greenhouses, balconies, and the collapsed fences of private houses. The interim governor made a decision in principle to allocate 10 thousand rubles for each affected household or family living in an apartment building.

The non-profit organization Regional Operator – Fund for Major Overhaul of MKD in the Khabarovsk Territory has started roof repairs for apartment buildings. The buildings most affected by the hurricane wind are planned to be completely renovated by April 15, said Alena Sidorova, head of the regional capital repair fund.

By the order of the regional government dated February 17, an inter-municipal emergency regime was introduced. This allows you to promptly manage the allocated funds, identifying contractors to perform the necessary emergency recovery work. Now in the territories of the Soviet-Gavansky, Vaninsky and Nanaysky districts, a special regime continues to operate. In the Komsomolsk region, the damage was minimal, so the local authorities canceled the emergency regime.

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