Dangerous parking error named

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Avtovzglyad portal warned drivers about a dangerous mistake when parking a car.

During weather changes, the authors of the material warn motorists against overnight parking in a puddle. The portal warns that if the water freezes, then leaving the parking lot will be a daunting task for the driver.

The publication reminded that if the puddle is deep, then the water can reach the brakes and grab the pads. In this case, even if one side of the car remains on the packed snow, a situation may occur when the wheel starts to slip, “digging” the snow to ice, and the one in the puddle will not budge. In especially severe cases, you will either have to break the ice with a crowbar and a shovel, or ask other motorists to pull the car with a cable.

Drum rear brakes, as the material notes, can even jam in such a situation. This will happen if, when the shoe breaks off in an attempt to get out of the frozen puddle, one of them breaks off the mounts and jams the entire drum, which will have to be completely sorted out.

The authors of the material also remind that prolonged attempts to escape from the ice trap can lead to clutch problems on a manual transmission and belt damage on cars with a CVT.

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