Cynologist dispelled the main myths about small dogs

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev, in an interview with RIA Novosti, dispelled the myths that small breed dogs do not need to be walked and trained, that such breeds are ideal for children and bark loudly.

“Small companion dogs are often kept as pets. They cause affection for some, and for others, a condescending attitude, which is associated with common myths about them. Many believe that such dogs bark endlessly, can walk on a diaper and do not need training. But these myths have nothing to do with reality and mislead many novice dog breeders, “- said Golubev.

He called the most widespread myth that small breeds of dogs can do without walking. According to the cynologist, the dog not only relieves itself during walks, but also gets to know the world around it and develops. “The pet should walk every day, at least twice a day. Walking is a time for your dog to be physically active, it has a beneficial effect on endurance, reaction speed and the whole body of your pet. Do not neglect walking with the animal, even if you are an owner. a little dog, “said Golubev.

The second myth he called the opinion that small dogs do not need training and training. “This is an absolute delusion,” the expert noted.

According to him, the size of the dog does not affect its behavior. And if a dog grows up without education, then the owners often face aggression and all kinds of behavioral problems. From this, the dog handler said, myths appear that small dogs are aggressive and bark a lot.

“As a rule, loud and frequent barking is a consequence of the illiterate upbringing of the pet. Animals that understand that they only need to give a voice to get encouragement or attract attention will resort to this trick all the time. The problem of frequent barking is faced by owners of not only small ones, but and large dogs. And the reason here lies not in the size of the animal, but in the lack of training, “said Golubev.

He also called it a misconception that such dogs require less grooming. “On the contrary, sometimes keeping a small breed dog can be more laborious. Do not forget that care is needed for a dog of any breed. Of course, a smaller dog is easier to transport and bathe, but small dogs have no other advantages related to housing,” he said. dog handler.

Another myth, he called the opinion of small breeds as the best choice of animal for children. According to the dog handler, the best dogs for children are those who have a cheerful disposition, calmly accept children's pranks. The main role is played not by the size of the animal, but by the features of its character. “For children, dogs are suitable, which are friendly, easy to play, moderately active and do not require special care,” he said.

Golubev advised not to take very small and fragile dogs for preschool children, since the child can accidentally harm the pet. In addition, sometimes representatives of small breeds turn out to be quite wayward and difficult to train, it will be difficult to cope with such a dog even for an adult, the cynologist said.

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