Crocodile swallowed eight-year-old boy whole in front of his father

MOSCOW, 6 Mar – RIA Novosti. In Indonesia, a 26-foot crocodile swallowed an eight-year-old child whole in front of his father, Merdeka reports.

The tragedy took place in East Kalimantan province on March 3rd. The boy was fishing with his father on the banks of the river, when the reptile suddenly attacked the child and began to drag him into the water.

The father swam after the crocodile and began to punch him, hoping to save his son, but the reptile swallowed the boy whole.

The crocodile was found the next day just 100 meters from the site of the attack. The reptile was cut open and the boy's lifeless body was excised from its stomach.

It is also added that this is the second such case in the past few weeks.

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