Siberian convicted for swearing in Latin in the chat of equity holders

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. In Novosibirsk, a court fined a local resident for insults in the chat of equity holders on WhatsApp. In particular, the man called his opponent a “donkey” in Latin, writes the local NGS portal.

According to the newspaper, for this he was fined three thousand rubles. The second participant in the conflict, who also insulted one of the equity holders, but in Russian, was fined seven thousand.

Both defendants intend to challenge the fine. The man told the portal that he considers the punishment to be unfair.

“I did not address him directly, I only said that this phrase would sound more interesting in Latin <...>. I just became curious how it would sound in a dead language,” he said.

He called the opponent's behavior destructive.

The second participant in the conflict stated that she would appeal, as she “did not even materialize” the shareholder.

The plaintiff himself was also dissatisfied with the court's decision. As the newspaper notes, he has already filed an appeal and intends to recover 200 thousand rubles from the members of the WhatsApp group who insulted him for “massive moral suffering.”

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