Senators asked Biden to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. Forty senators sent a letter to US President Joe Biden calling for “swift and full” sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

The text of the message was published on his website by Congressman John Barrasso.

Senate members, in particular, criticized the White House for refusing to impose restrictions on companies involved in the construction of the pipeline. They called the State Department's report with a list of these firms “absolutely inadequate.”

In addition, the authors of the letter expressed concern about the growing geopolitical influence of Russia.

After Biden came to the post of head of state, Washington did not expand measures against Nord Stream 2 and related companies. They limited themselves to the inclusion of the ship “Fortuna” and its owner “KVT-RUS”, which are already under sanctions, in another black list.

Earlier, the media, citing sources, wrote that the administration of former US President Donald Trump was preparing to impose sanctions against the German construction partners, but did not manage to do so.

A number of American politicians regularly oppose Nord Stream 2 because of the US's desire to promote its liquefied gas in the EU. Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the project is commercial and beneficial to Europe. Germany is also in favor of completing construction.

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