Roskomnadzor proposed to oblige social networks to install attendance counters

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. Roskomnadzor proposes to oblige social networks to install software proposed by the department for counting the number of users in order to determine whether the social network falls under the requirements of the law on self-identification and removal of prohibited content, the corresponding draft Roskomnadzor order has been published on the portal of draft regulations.

On February 1, amendments to the law “On Information …” entered into force in the Russian Federation, according to which social networks with a daily audience in the Russian Federation of more than 500 thousand users are required to independently identify and block prohibited content. According to this law, Roskomnadzor maintains a register of social networks, organizes monitoring of information resources, approves the methodology for determining the number of users, and establishes the procedure for interaction with the owners of social networks.

The draft order prepared by Roskomnadzor approves the methodology for determining the number of users of an information resource per day.

“In order to determine the number of users of an information resource, the owner of a social network … establishes a program for electronic computers proposed by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, designed to determine the number of users of an information resource (hereinafter referred to as the attendance counter) in relation to each of information resources of a social network, including a website on the Internet of a social network, programs for electronic computers used to access the social network, “the draft order says.

It specifies that the attendance counters determine the number of calls made by unique users on the territory of the Russian Federation to the information resource, once per day, ensuring its full load. Information about the attendance counters proposed for installation will be posted on the Roskomnadzor website.

If it is impossible to determine the number of users using the attendance counters, Roskomnadzor will send a request to determine this data. If it is also impossible to determine the daily audience of the social network using this method, Roskomnadzor will identify this data either on the basis of information obtained as a result of information processing using special software, including programs that provide the ability to automatically record user requests to an information resource; or on the basis of publicly available information on the Internet.

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