More than 200 thousand Russians with COVID-19 have died since the beginning of the pandemic

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. Coronavirus in January 2021 became the main cause of death of 21,511 people in Russia, in another 4,781 cases it is assumed as the main cause of death (additional medical studies are required to confirm the presence of the virus), follows from data from Rosstat, published on Friday.

According to the ministry, in January of this year, the coronavirus caused fatal complications in 2,388 people, and in 8,427 cases it was not the main cause of death and did not significantly affect the development of fatal complications.

Rosstat publishes monthly statistics of deaths from coronavirus infection, highlighting four groups of deaths of patients with confirmed COVID-19: cases in which coronavirus became the main cause of death; cases requiring additional research when it is assumed that death was due to COVID; cases in which the coronavirus, as a concomitant disease, affected the underlying disease that caused death; cases in which the coronavirus did not affect the complication of the diseases that caused the death.

“The number of deaths from COVID-19 in January 2021 has decreased compared to December 2020,” the Federal State Statistics Service noted.

According to the updated data of the department, in December the coronavirus became the main cause of death of 27 thousand people, in 5 396 cases it is assumed as the main cause of death.

In total, in all these categories, statistics for which are being maintained by Rosstat, since April 2020, 200,432 people with confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection have died in the Russian Federation.

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