Klimkin was scared that Transcarpathia would become “the second Crimea”

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin commented on Facebook on the joke of Prime Minister of Slovakia Igor Matovich that he promised to transfer Transcarpathian Ukraine to Russia in exchange for the Sputnik V vaccine, expressing fears that the region could become a “second Crimea”.

On Tuesday, Matovic in an interview with Radio Expres, in response to a question about what he had promised Russia for the delivery of the first batch of Sputnik V vaccine, said: “Transcarpathian Ukraine”, immediately adding: “I did not promise anything, I just tried to ensure the supply of the vaccine.”

Klimkin expressed the opinion that the joke of the Slovak prime minister is a joke “according to Freud,” and “in some minds” there is an opinion that Transcarpathia does not belong to Ukraine. “It would be very sad and wrong if our reaction is limited to public statements and demands for an apology – I don’t want Transcarpathia to become “the second Crimea.” You can say that this is far away and you will be right, but the risks are also insane – from clannishness and smuggling to foreign influence, primarily Russian, “Klimkin wrote.

The politician also called for the formation of a separate strategy and permanent work so that there is “more Ukraine” in Transcarpathia.

The Transcarpathian region, formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, after the collapse of the country as a result of the First World War, became part of Czechoslovakia under the name “Subcarpathian Rus”. Since 1938, Transcarpathia was part of Hungary. In 1945, an agreement was signed in Moscow on the entry of this territory into the Ukrainian SSR, in November of the same year, the document was ratified in the parliament of Czechoslovakia. Now this region is one of the regions of Ukraine.

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