In Minusinsk, a woman “mined” the MFC so as not to stand in line

KRASNOYARSK, 5 March – RIA Novosti. A resident of the Krasnoyarsk Minusinsk was detained for having “mined” an administrative building: the woman explained that there was a long queue, and she did not want to stand in it, the press service of the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

As a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti, the day before there was a message about the mining of the MFC in Minusinsk, but no dangerous objects were found there. city “, – said in the message.

The detainee told the police that she called and reported a dangerous object because she did not want to wait long for her turn.

The police opened a criminal case under the article on knowingly false reporting of an act of terrorism. A woman can face up to 5 years in prison. The suspect was released on recognizance not to leave and proper behavior.

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