Experts told how not to get tired of a long car trip

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. More than 70% of Russians will go on a trip by car on the weekend in March; in order not to get tired of a long trip, you should sleep well before it and leave not too early, and during the trip you should make small stops, listen to medium-tempo music and not abuse coffee, told RIA Novosti in the companies SberAvto and SberZdorovye.

The majority of Russians are planning to spend the next weekend in March outside the home: 33% of those surveyed will go to the neighboring region to visit their relatives, and 22% – to their dacha. Another 13% of citizens will go on a road trip to Baikal, Altai, Karelia and other unique places in Russia, and about 4% will go on a tour of the Golden Ring. Companies advise to prepare for a long car trip in advance, and in order to prevent the development of “traveler fatigue” and improve well-being on the road, it is worth following a few rules. the risk zone is young drivers, as well as “owls” and patients with insomnia or sleep disorders. Monday is the worst option for a trip if you “slept” on the weekend, thereby disrupting your normal sleep patterns, “experts advise.

In addition, on the eve it is better not to stay up late and it is important to observe the rules of sleep hygiene: do not watch TV and do not use gadgets before going to bed. You should not drink alcohol the night before the trip and, if possible, anti-allergic drugs.

It is better not to start your journey too early or, on the contrary, it is dark. Before traveling, it is recommended to carefully adjust the position of the seat and steering wheel for the most comfortable position, as well as set the climate system controls to a comfortable position and remove outer clothing if the trip takes place in winter.

“Music in the car should be of a medium tempo (not fast, but not slow). This is due to the fact that fast or slow music for a short period of time helps to increase concentration, but on a long trip it interferes with the driver,” companies.

During the trip, you must periodically get out of the car – this time can be used for refueling or a snack. It is necessary to drink enough fluids, but not to abuse coffee – it invigorates in a short period of time, but provokes drowsiness and loss of concentration.

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