Antonov responded to US human rights claims

WASHINGTON, 5 Mar – RIA Novosti. Russia rejects US claims on human rights, said Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov. “We consider claims on human rights issues to be especially unacceptable. No one has the right to teach us how to live,” Antonov said, speaking at the Kosmos-Club discussion club. on Thursday. The text of the ambassador's speech was distributed by the embassy.

He said that Russia considers the US accusations of using chemical weapons against Alexei Navalny groundless.

“At the same time, any of our counterarguments, requests for factual information are swept aside without a clear explanation. Then the American authorities, without bothering to present evidence, impose further sanctions against Russia,” Antonov added.

“We consider the absurd calls for the” release “of Navalny to be categorically unacceptable. In international practice, this is called interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state,” the ambassador said.

He also mentioned other US claims that Russia rejects – about “interference” in democratic processes, hacker attacks and opposition to the US military in the United States.

“To counter the” Russian threat “military potential is being built up, military-political alliances are being strengthened. We are threatened with sanctions. Methods of unfair competition are being used against us,” Antonov stated.

The Kremlin has previously denied accusations of the presence of banned toxic substances. According to the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Moscow is complying with all obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

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