Antonov outlined Russia's priorities in relations with the United States

WASHINGTON, 5 Mar – RIA Novosti. Washington and Moscow need to unite their efforts in a number of areas, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov at a speech at the KOSMOS-CLAB discussion club. “It would be in the interests of our countries to join efforts in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and climate change, and also on joint space exploration and protection of the Arctic ecology, “Antonov said.

The diplomat stressed that Moscow expects to deepen the dialogue on “regional topics”: Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, the Korean Peninsula, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Also, according to him, it is necessary to restore a full-fledged infrastructure of communications along the government line.

“We have repeatedly conveyed to the American side a list of priority steps to normalize bilateral relations. They relate to the confirmation of the Gorbachev-Reagan formula on the inadmissibility of a nuclear war between our countries and the impossibility of becoming a winner in it. In addition, written guarantees of non-interference in internal affairs could be exchanged. each other, to establish interaction to ensure cybersecurity, to modernize the agreement on the prevention of incidents on the high seas and in the airspace above it, “Antonov said.

The ambassador recalled that President Vladimir Putin proposed a broad program of cooperation in matters of international information security. His initiative still “remains on the negotiating table,” the diplomat explained.

“Finally, I would like the Russian embassy to work in a calm atmosphere, without escalating the political situation, primarily in the visa area. We are ready to go our part of the way,” Antonov emphasized.

The main thing is that the new US administration has political will, the ambassador concluded.

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