Antonov assessed Biden's policy in the field of strategic stability

WASHINGTON, 5 Mar – RIA Novosti. Russia positively perceives the US signals about plans for a dialogue on strategic stability, said Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov. “We positively perceive signals from the White House and the State Department about plans to restore dialogue on strategic stability, about the possibility of further dialogue on HF (arms control – ed. .) “, – said Antonov, speaking at the discussion club” KOSMOS-CLAB “on Thursday. The text of the ambassador's speech was distributed by the embassy.

“It is fundamentally important that one of the first steps Dzh.Biden supported the Russian proposal to extend the START Treaty for five years,” he added.

“In recent years, we have repeatedly spoken about the need to prolong the Treaty. We are satisfied that common sense has won in Washington's policy. We are firmly convinced that maintaining the START Treaty meets the national interests of Russia and the United States,” Antonov added.

According to him, it was only at the last moment that the two great powers managed to save the arms control regime from complete destruction.

“We had serious fears that after gross mistakes on the part of the American side in destroying the ABM and INF Treaty, withdrawing from the Don (Open Skies Treaty – ed.), Increasing uncertainty regarding the prospects for the entry of the CTBT (Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty – Ed.) due to the reluctance of the United States to ratify this treaty, the same sad fate will befall the START Treaty, “Antonov said.

“This is fraught with unpredictability in relations between the two major powers, a breakdown of the mechanism for maintaining a dialogue on nuclear missile weapons. I emphasize that the START Treaty has an international dimension. “, – the ambassador continued.

According to him, the extension of the START Treaty is extremely important on the eve of the Review Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which is to be held this year.

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