Antonov announced the need to abandon the pressure of sanctions

WASHINGTON, 5 Mar – RIA Novosti. Russia does not close its eyes to problems in relations with the United States and is ready to discuss them, but it is necessary to stop threatening with sanctions, said Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov. “No one turns a blind eye to the accumulated problems in bilateral relations. property, to restore the activities of the consulates general, giving us back the opportunity to work with compatriots left without our care on the West Coast of the United States, “Antonov said, speaking at the KOSMOS-CLAB discussion club on Thursday. The text of the ambassador's speech was distributed by the embassy.

He also said that Russia is concerned about the lack of normal communication practices between our legislators and that dialogue within the framework of non-governmental, business and academic organizations can play a useful role.

Antonov noted that many experts understand the arguments that in the modern multipolar and interdependent world it is counterproductive to resort to the language of dictatorship and pressure.

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