An application for investment in wines appeared in Russia

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. The Vindome application for investment and sale of vintage wines, which was created last year, was launched in Russia, the press service of the service told RIA Novosti. “The Vindome platform was created in 2020 by a team of experts in investment in technology startups and professionals from the global wine market. . The cost of developing the service was more than 1 million euros … Victoria Palatnik, co-founder and managing partner of Massa Group, was the lead investor in the project, “the service recalled.

The app is currently available in 173 countries around the world. The platform allows users to conduct transactions for the purchase, storage and sale of wines through online auctions. Investments for using the service – from 100 euros. Investments are possible in two formats: investments in wine collections and quick sale at live auctions. “In the first case, platform users buy specially selected wine collections, which include combinations of branded varieties for different budgets and with different payback periods. Vindome Live Auction – it is a marketplace through which investors can view hundreds of offers for the purchase and sale of wines and make transactions in real time, “the service said.

Users of the application can also order the delivery of purchased wines to their home or leave them for storage in the customs warehouses of the service with a VAT freeze (sales tax is fixed not at the market price, but at the cost of the wine at the time of purchase of the batch).

The CEO and co-founder of the platform, Ingrid Brodin, noted that since its launch in Italy and France, the service has gained great popularity not only among experienced investors in the wine market, but also among a large number of young entrepreneurs. “In Russia, we expect no less success rates, since investments in wine are less risky compared to traditional financial markets and have high rates of profitability,” Brodin said, quoted by the press service of the service.

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