A pilot project to identify needy families will be launched in Russia

MOSCOW, 5 March – RIA Novosti. The government of the Russian Federation instructed the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Labor, the Pension Fund and Rosstat to conduct a pilot project in 2021 that will allow using these state information resources to identify needy families and provide them with targeted support, the press service of the Federal Tax Service told RIA Novosti. the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and Rosstat were instructed to conduct a pilot project to compare the level of income of households and families based on data from state information resources in 2021. It should be emphasized that the pilot project for assessing family income is not aimed at monitoring and does not bear fiscal functions, and will allow to develop effective instruments of social policy of the state and targeted assistance to those who need it, “the Federal Tax Service said.

Assessment of total income within the framework of the pilot project and comparison with official statistical data will be carried out in the Unified State Information System for Social Security (EGISSO). At the same time, the pilot project does not imply the organization of new interaction between the Federal Tax Service of Russia and the Pension Fund, the service said.

“To ensure the costs associated with the implementation of the pilot project, the Federal Tax Service of Russia has allocated additional budgetary allocations from the reserve fund of the government of the Russian Federation for 2021. This funding will allow the Federal Tax Service of Russia to develop mechanisms for the formation of registers of families and households, as well as to select and upload to the Pension Fund information on taxable types of income that the tax service currently has, “the FTS added.

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