YouTube told when to unblock Trump's account

WASHINGTON, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. The video platform YouTube is ready to remove the blocking of the account of former US President Donald Trump after the risk of violence decreases, YouTube CEO Susan Wojciki said on Thursday.

“I want to confirm that we will remove the blocking of the channel … when we decide that the risk of violence has decreased. As of today, it is difficult for me to say when this will happen, but it is already quite clear that there is still an increased risk of violence,” she said during video events at the Atlantic Council.

When making a decision, YouTube will rely on a number of factors, such as statements and warnings from authorities, an increased presence on the streets of law enforcement officers, as well as the nature of user statements on the platform itself, which are being monitored by its specialists, Wojciki added.

YouTube, along with mainstream social media, suspended Trump's account indefinitely after the January 6 events, when protesters stormed the Capitol. At least two people died directly due to the riots, three more died during them. In addition, two police officers subsequently committed suicide.

After these events, the Democrats of the lower house of Congress impeached Trump, accusing him of inciting rebellion, but the Republicans in the Senate, as expected, did not allow the impeachment to go through.

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