Uniper completes financing of Nord Stream 2

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. The German company Uniper has completed financing of the Nord Stream 2 project, its head Andreas Schirenbeck announced at an online conference.

Thus, Uniper became the fourth of five European partners of Gazprom in the project to announce the completion of financing. So far, only the French Engie has not made such an announcement.

Journalists asked what part of its 950 million euro obligations the company had allocated to finance the project, but Shirenbek refused to disclose any numbers.

“I cannot confirm the aforementioned volume of investment in the project, we have not commented on it in the past either. <...> There will be no payments in the future,” he said.

The head of the company explained that Uniper is the financial investor of the project and does not lay the pipeline itself, although it is closely monitoring its completion. According to him, there are no technical obstacles for this.

Shirenbek also noted that the company is watching negotiations between the EU and the US on the gas pipeline, and he is quite optimistic about the future solution. “We believe that a rational approach will prevail, we need Nord Stream 2 to ensure uninterrupted gas supplies to Europe. This is a commercial project, it is already 98% completed, and we hope that it will be completed “, – concluded the head of Uniper.

Financing Nord Stream 2

The Nord Stream 2 project is being implemented by Nord Stream 2 AG with its sole shareholder, Gazprom. European partners – Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, Engie, Uniper and Wintershall – have pledged to finance it in total by 50 percent, that is, up to 950 million euros each.

At the end of February, Wintershall Dea announced that it had completed its investment with a total of € 730 million. In 2020, OMV and Shell announced the full completion of their obligations to finance Nord Stream 2, while the Austrian OMV indicated that it had invested 730 million euros in the project as part of the loan. All foreign partners in the Nord Stream 2 project directed funding for its construction simultaneously, at the request of Nord Stream 2 AG.

A little later, Wintershall Dea also said that Nord Stream 2 AG had notified the European partners of the adequacy of the funding already provided.

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