Two businessmen demanded to remove Navalny's YouTube channel

MOSCOW, 4 Mar – RIA Novosti. The Moscow Lyublinsky Court registered the claim of the entrepreneur brothers Oleg and Gennady Egorov against Alexei Navalny and YouTube – in the statement, the merchants asked to remove the blogger's channel from the video hosting and collect 10 million rubles in their favor.

In the instance, RIA Novosti was informed that the claim against Navalny was registered, but not yet accepted for production – this will be decided within five working days from the date of receipt.

“On March 2, the court registered the claim of G.V. Egorov and O.V. Egorov against Google LLC, D / B / A YouTube and A.A. Navalny. Currently, this statement of claim is with the judge to consider the issue of accepting it for production “, – said the interlocutor of the agency, without disclosing the details of the statement.

One of the founders of the Ex Libris translation agency, Gennady Yegorov, in an interview with RIA Novosti, explained that in the lawsuit they are asking the court to oblige Navalny to pay them 10 million rubles in moral damages, and YouTube to remove the convict's channel from the video site. “I want to say that I do not perceive this as a lawsuit, but as a manifesto. I am not an adherent of Navalny or the government of the Russian Federation, I am in favor of drawing attention to the problems of small business, which is literally collapsing due to sanctions, due to some internal feuds “, – he stated.

Egorov also noted that uncoordinated actions in support of Navalny had a negative impact on the business of his family. “These rallies interfere with the work of our offices, people could not calmly reach them to receive services. And in general, the government apparatus is distracted by them instead of to pay attention to the situation in the country as a whole, it's bad. I want to say that our bureau is working, but many small businesses are being closed, so if the court takes our side, we will use the collected funds to support those startups who need them. maybe we will open an appropriate fund, “the entrepreneur concluded.

At the moment, RIA Novosti does not have any respondents' comments.

Earlier, businessmen Yevgeny Prigozhin and Alexander Udodov, the Foundation for the Support of Socially Significant State Projects, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office, the Moscow Metro and some other municipal enterprises of the capital, as well as the Armenia restaurant and the taxi service had filed civil suits against Navalny and his supporters. Most of them were satisfied by the courts.

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